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Written by on June 12, 2017

Eric McGuire and Kevin Connoley are back together with a monthly Podcast delivered the fourth Wednesday of every month. Sarah McGuire and Timmy make appearances almost every Podcast, and you can listen to Eric and Kevin interview names like Tony Caridi, Dale Wolfley, Big John, Scott Simons and many more! You can also expect to hear some of your favorite segments that have been around for years:

  • The Carmike Cinemas Entertainment Report
  • Are You Smarter Than Eric
  • Timmy At The Movies

About Eric McGuire:

Hello. My name is V. Eric “McGuire” Howdershelt. I used to be on the radio. Now I’m not.
I got a call from Kevin Connoley asking if I would like to try a podcast. Since I didn’t, and have never trusted him, I said, “go on……….” …and he ‘splained to me that we would do something like a radio broadcast, but it would be for the Inter-web.

So….given the fact that I’m living in the middle of nowhere, am practically broke due to my various serious health issues (much of which I’ve brought on myself) and several experimental meth lab explosions, and follow-up investigations, not to mention a short stay in prison for dog fighting, I said, “Sure Kevin Connoley, if you’re the same guy that I remember, I’ll do it.”

About Kevin Connoley:

Kevin is too busy to provide a bio, so I will provide one for him:

Kevin was raised on the tough streets of some town, in some state. He is married to his lovely wife Jennifer, and they have … uh … three kids? Yeah, that sounds right.

Kevin went to Northwestern where he studied hard to be much smarter than basically anyone else involved in the Podcast Network. He has worked in radio for __ years (feel free to add any amount that would make you impressed), and is currently back in school working on his law degree.

For a good time, you can find Kevin’s phone number in various restrooms across several states.

Hopefully Kevin will update this bio soon… Until then, please enjoy snickering behind his back as I am positive he will never see this!

Additional ramblings from Eric:

FACTS ABOUT ERIC THAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW ARE TRUE (only one of these are not true)

  1. I used to be the Tri-County Certified Cattle Artificial Inseminator.
  2. My dad ran over me with a tractor when I was 6 years old, breaking both bones in my lower leg.
  3. I once flew an aircraft into Tygart Lake while attempting to repeat giving a high five to a guy on a jet-ski. This 2nd attempt was to get a picture of the high five.
  4. I drove my dad’s truck into a farm-pond.
  5. I was nearly stabbed in an ‘altercation’ in Nestorville.
  6. I spent nearly $40,000 building a road up into this place called “Hell-Mouth” for reasons that remain undetermined now that I’ve been here for a while……….. I have no idea why I picked “here.”
  7. Recently a bear nearly crawled into my bedroom window on the FIRST AND ONLY NIGHT that the window was open and was about 4 feet from me breathing and slobbering all over the place.
  8. I am single after surviving two failed marriages, neither of which were my fault.
  9. I remember once feeling ‘funny’ after thinking I saw Kevin slipping something into my drink. I only have fleeting moments of “dream-like” memory concerning what took place.
  10. I once played a round of golf with Don Knotts, Kevin Connoley, and Dyke Raese.
  11. I believe my dog is possibly part of the LGBT community.
  12. A helicopter blew down my only standing apple-tree in what used to be a huge orchard.
  13. I cannot go on a date because I haven’t cleaned the inside of my truck for almost the entire five years that I have owned it. The inside of my truck looks more like a dog exploded inside of it.
  14. I wish Sarah had not married Timmy.
  15. I once went chin deep into a liquid manure pit to try and get a chain around a cow that had fallen into it. I was successful in this rescue attempt.
  16. My name is regularly in the Barbour Democrat newspaper for ‘FAILURE TO PAY LAND AND PROPERTY TAXES.”
  17. I once passed a car at 70mph being cocky while riding a motorcycle—–and immediately a deer ran out in front of me and I killed it, and my motor-cycle. (The guy I had just passed took me to the hospital)

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