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This week, we list our top 10 favorite childhood toys, we talk with our good friend Kevin Connoley, and we all three play a game of Do You Know Me. Enjoy and share with your friends!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week we list off our top 5 dad jokes again, tell each other to verb ourselves (we should really change that title), and Mike goes against Chad in “Mike Is Smarter Than You”. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we discuss our top 5 favorite childhood shows, Mike does a horrible job playing the Ukelele, and we ask each other to “Quick, Think of Something.” PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

In this month’s episode: Kevin gets bitten in California while trying to help a damsel in distress. Eric is the first responder while traveling to Parsons, WV. Tina from Eric and Kevin’s radio glory days reads some of the hate mail she received during her short stint on the show. Timmy has fun editing one […]

This week, we give our top 5 favorite dads, see how in sync we are, and play a new game called “Quick, Think of Something”. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week we discuss our top 10 favorite Disney Attractions. There were too many to choose from. We also had our friend Chad with us. He hosted a riveting Movie Game that you don’t want to miss. It’s all on this week’s episode of That Wasn’t Bad. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

Mike Susa from That Wasn’t Bad penned a wonderful tribute Adam and their friendship in this clip from a recent That Wasn’t Bad Podcast. New Episodes of That Wasn’t Bad are available every Wednesday. You can stream from anywhere on this website, or download/stream from iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn or through Amazon Devices and […]

The Kevin Connoley Podcast Network has its own YouTube Channel where you can keep up with sneak peaks at upcoming shows. To make things even easier for you, we have started adding some of our original Podcasts in their entirety on that channel! Help us spread the word! Tell a friend that their former morning […]

It has been a long time since The Kevin Connoley Show ended its radio run. After months of being back together, Eric McGuire and Kevin Connoley welcomed Sarah to the Podcast Network in a long awaited Episode. New Episodes of The Eric and Kevin Podcast are available every fourth Wednesday of each month. You can […]

Eric McGuire, Kevin Connoley, Adam Etris, Sarah McGuire, Mike Susa, Timmy, Melba, Frick, Dana Holgorsen… ‘s hair, and the list goes on. All of your favorite voices are back together again to bring you entertaining, local content that you can listen to from any device, whenever you want! Download Podcasts directly to your device, or […]

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