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That Wasn’t Bad – A family friendly Podcast with hosts Adam Etris and Mike Susa. Each week Adam and Mike provide the latest topics around the water cooler, a top five list that you can be a part of by voting for your favorite, and a ton of games to help get you through your […]

Eric McGuire and Kevin Connoley are back together with a monthly Podcast delivered the fourth Wednesday of every month. Sarah McGuire and Timmy make appearances almost every Podcast, and you can listen to Eric and Kevin interview names like Tony Caridi, Dale Wolfley, Big John, Scott Simons and many more! You can also expect to […]

For years you listened to a special interpretation of the famous Christmas tale on your radio. Eric and Kevin decided to create a whole new Christmas Special that included some very familiar voices. For a little bit of Christmas whenever you need it, check out Eric Mcguire, Kevin Connoley, Big John, Melba, Frick, Dana Holgorson… […]

This week, we educate you on our top 5 least favorite attractions at Walt Disney World, we see how in sync we are, and we play Go Verb Yourself……..we should really change the name of that. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we kick off summer with our top 5 favorite summer songs, we introduce a new segment called “Go Verb Yourself”, and we team up in a new game. It’s all on this week’s episode of That Wasn’t Bad. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we discuss our top 5 favorite songs from Disney movies, play Would You Rather, and attempt some horrible impressions. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we discuss our top 5 worst tv/movie moms and we answer some tough questions about ourselves. That and much more so we hope you enjoy!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this 30th episode, we give our top 5 bad jokes (again), I Alphabetcall my mom, and we attempt a new segment called Bad Reviews. We hope you enjoy!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we discuss our top 5 favorite podcasts, one of us kills the other in the Movie Game, we play Do You Know Me with our good friend, Chad, and Mike brought a ukulele………….yep………….Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we give our Top 5 favorite cities that we have visited, play 5 Second Rule, and compete in Clueless Karaoke. If you listen, you will automatically be happier……………….or not. Enjoy!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

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