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We’re baaaack……..This week we discuss our top 5 favorite movie sequels, argue with each other in Dumb Debates, and go head to head in Dueling Idiots. Enjoy!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this week’s episode, we list our top 5 bucket list items, Mike competes with a listener in a new game, and we play the Whisper Challenge. Enjoy!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we discuss our top 5 best baseball movies, play 5 Second Summary, and play a special game with Mike and a secret guest. You don’t want to miss it!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week’s episode had a slight Disney theme. We discussed our Top 5 favorite Disney villains, played Sing it Back: Disney Edition, competed at First Impressions, and a special song the Mike wrote…………spoiler alert…… was poorly written. Enjoy!!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this week’s episode, we talk some March Madness, list the top 5 green things we hate, prank call a couple people, and try not to laugh at eachothers jokes. A roller coaster of emotions. Enjoy!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we play a new game called First Impressions, we compete in Dueling Idiots, and we list the top 5 things that you don’t know about us. It’s a doozy of an episode so enjoy!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this week’s episode, we recap the Oscars, list our top 5 TV/movie spoilers, play “Do You Know Me?” with a special guest, and compete at the Movie Game. Alot in the hopper so enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

We made it to 20 episodes!!!! Congratulations everyone!!!! You should celebrate by listening to us discuss our top 5 movies that should have won an oscar, play heads up, and ask Mike 10 questions. It’s an hour of fun and enjoyment. Please like and share with your friends. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

After a week off, due to the birth of Adam’s twins, we are back with another joke episode. We will have round 2 of our top 5 favorite jokes. We will attempt to out pun each other in Punderdome. We will end the episode with another edition of Alphabeticall. It’s all on this week’s episode […]

Big news on this weeks episode!!!! A special Top 5, a special guest, and much much more!!!! You should definitely listen……….or not…………whatever. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

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