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On this week’s episode, we say goodbye to our resident game host, 5 star Dustin. We will have Top 5, play Dumb Debates, compete in Dueling Idiots, and play a new game called Sing It Back. All kinds of fun and excitement. Enjoy!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we share our top 5 favorite jokes, Mike interviews Adam, and we enter the Punderdome!!!!! If you have no idea what that is, then you should listen and find out. Hopefully at the end, you will say, “That wasn’t bad”. Enjoy!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this special Golden Globes edition, we look back at the event and talk about the best and not so best moments, list the top 5 most anticipated shows of 2017, play the Movie Game, and compete at 5 Second Summary. It’s all about television and movies so enjoy!!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

Happy 2017!!!! On this episode, we look back at 2016 and give our top 5 favorite movies, we introduce a new segment called Do You Know Me, and we play a new game called Dueling Idiots. There are also a couple of other new things. You will just need to listen, won’t you. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE […]

On this Joy to the World episode, we play the Christmas Movie Game, share our top 5 favorite Christmas movies, play AlphabetiCALL, and sing a little tune for all of you. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This is part 1 of our 2 part Christmas Special Spectacular Extravaganza!!!!! We will list our top 5 worst Christmas songs, argue with a Christmas edition of Dumb Debates, and share some horrible gift stories. We call it the Bah Humbug episode. We hope it brings you joy!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this week’s episode, we list our 5 songs that should never have been made, play Clueless Karaoke, and try to understand each other by playing Speak Out. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this monumental tenth episode, we will give our top 5 nicknames for eachother, give unqualified advice, and play Heads Up. Thanks for listening and make sure to share with your friends!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this special Thanksgiving episode, we will discuss our top 5 things we are NOT thankful for, share some horrible Thanksgiving stories, play AlphabetaCALL, and have a gobble off…………….yep……………a gobble off. May this episode bring you cheer this Thanksgiving!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, We discuss our top 5 favorite comedy movies, play the Movie Game, and sing a bunch of random songs in Clueless Karaoke. We hope you enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

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