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This week, we get political………..not really. We have dumb debates, discuss our top 5 favorite presidents, and play 5 Second Rule. We hope that at the end, you can say to yourself, “That wasn’t bad.” PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

This week, we list our top 5 actresses, play Name That Tune You Idiot, and try to say things to each other with mouth guards in our mouths. High quality humor, people. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this special Halloween episode, we discuss the Walking Dead, (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) we discuss our least favorite Halloween candy, we play Would You Rather, and the most hilarious thing we have done on the show yet. You will have to listen and find out. Enjoy!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this week’s episode, we chatted around the water cooler, gave our top 5 favorite male actors, had a dumb debated moderated by a special guest, and played the Whisper Challenge. It was jam packed and alot of fun. Enjoy!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this week’s episode, we discuss some trending topics, get horrible advice from Doctor Mike, play Heads Up, and debate over our top 5 Rom-Com’s. We hope you enjoy. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

On this episode of That Wasn’t Bad, we went through our top five restaurants, discussed your pop up topics, and played the Bean Boozled Challenge. We hope you enjoy. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

Welcome to our podcast. This first episode we will introduce ourselves, answer your questions, give our top 5 t.v. shows that we are watching right now, and provide some news of the weird. We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE:

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